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Digital Confiidence Profile

The test made me think of different technology applications that detected my digital skills. The first question made me think if I use various tools in technology or just the basic ones, and then I listed the tools that I know, and they were for me to say I am in the intermediate category. Then, the tools I use to search and evaluate data are substantial. However, I did not use a digital tool to create except a few times, but I still used it, which made me competent in creating through digital means. Regarding the safety of the technology, it is tough to manage privacy. Still, as technology improves, there are more facilities in order to secure your data, and I try to be updated with these constantly. I always learn more and try to gain full knowledge through technology to benefit from it. It is only sometimes enough to learn about digital tools, but also you should know how to use them correctly, as I manage to d successfully. I am the kind of social person that likes to engage with the maximum of people I can, and technology helps me a lot in that, as I can engage both face-to-face and virtually.

Used Grammarly only to improve the grammar.


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