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Digital Skills vs Digital Literacies

The article elucidates more about the usage of technology and how it is increasing, which is an excellent benefit to the world as you get to reach the knowledge much more accessible and also helps in. time management and how to limit time-consuming for better production. The importance of teaching digital skills is not only by gaining but also by saving and giving credit to the people trying their best to deliver the information most effortlessly for you. People need to know that if it is in public, it does not mean you have the right to use some times; permission is necessary unless the author states that it is shared for everyone. Digital skills differ from digital literacies; both should be explained explicitly for everyone to know their limitations and depth. Everyone has their comfort zone, and teachers should know how to lead them according to their needs. The teachers need to inform their students of the safety and security of the technology and about the data they post online. The teacher mentioned the negativities of social media and technology for the students to be aware such as others’ perspectives, that might impact their emotions and hurt their culture. As well as, teachers should teach them how to deal with such situations. They are exposed to violent messages for posting their race, opinion, culture, and religion. Students must learn to deal with people from different cultures, traditions, and mindsets. Students should try to develop them selves, but teachers should start putting them at the beginning of the road and state all the rules and limitations of the path.

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